About Shushann

Shushann Movessian

Mapp.Sci.(Soc.Ecol), Dip.POP Clinical Member CAPA, PACFA
Holistic Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Soul Life Coach

Shushann is a highly experienced and mature counsellor, psychotherapist and coach. She is a clinical member of PACFA and is the author of best-selling book, Puberty Girl (2004 Allen and Unwin) and co-author of The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards.

I’ve worked for 30 years as a holistic psychotherapist and coach with a private practice in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

It is always useful to have an initial chat on the phone which provides an opportunity to address specific needs. Our initial session would be looking at ways of working on shifting any anxiety, feeling more grounded and embodied, improving relationship communication and building resilience.

Holistic Psychotherapy

As a holistic psychotherapist I draw on western psychological practices and eastern approaches to health and healing that create an integration of mind, body and spirit. Mental and emotional disturbances experienced from anxiety, depression, grief, anger or relationship difficulties impact our immune system, cloud our thinking and our ability to deal with everyday stressors.

My work is to support you to put into practice behaviours that help reduce pain symptoms, calm your nervous system and open up channels for healing and subsequently better life choices.

My integrated approach to working with clients supports you to feel more empowered and emotionally stable, to experience greater clarity and resilience. This inevitably has a positive flow on effect on your relationships.

Methods and Practices

• Counselling/Psychotherapy – Addressing habituated conditioning and responses, deepening your head-heart connection. Cultivating practices for emotional resourcefulness and spiritual strength.

• Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Practices – Working with positive mental/emotional associations that foster healthy new habits. Resolving emotional wounds, activating the para-sympathetic nervous system, working with emotional release and opening to new insights.

• Somatic grounded practices that support you to be more present and embodied. Connecting to the innate wisdom of your body’s responses and inner sensations that help you diffuse anxiety and move through emotional disturbances.

• Soul Life Coaching – Goal setting, strengthening your connection to yourself, your life journey and sense of purpose. Coaching and guidance around personal blocks and self sabotage and opening up to resources and creative pathways.

• Head/Heart healing – More and more neuroscience is finding that emotional pain is just as real to the brain as physical pain. Fortunately the same applies to emotional healing – it can be just as real to the brain as physical healing. And this is where we can actively practice tools and develop resources that help activate healing between the head and heart.

These methods have been valuable in working with individuals as well as couples. Each client is supported in their long term healing in creating greater ease and self acceptance in their lives.


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Using a Process Oriented Approach to Psychotherapy

I believe we are innately drawn towards living our wholeness – that our relationship conflicts, physical and emotional disturbances and dreams are our unconscious attempt to do so. I offer my knowledge and experience with compassion, safety and awareness.

Dr Arnold Mindell, the founder of Process Oriented Psychology, was originally a physicist and later a Jungian analyst in the late 1970’s. He developed a framework for encouraging clients to identify with unconscious experience through ‘unfolding’.  Mindell found that body experiences and symptoms, life disturbances and recurring relationship issues mirror our night dreams and are meaningful expressions of the unconscious.

The unfolding process develops a heightened awareness of how we communicate and engage with the world around us. When we approach with curiosity and respect we are able to discover an inner order and coherence that can bring new meaning and positive purpose to our personal and collective growth.

This is a beautiful infographic that details the elements, influences and principles of Process Oriented Psychology, which is known as an awareness model in counselling and psychotherapy.

What is Long Term Healing?

Some of us may describe feeling a sense of healing when we’ve released something painful or difficult in our lives. But healing can also take place when we start to awaken our consciousness around our blindspots and blocks.  This is particularly true of areas we don’t like and try to push down.  We may try to ignore or repress our fears, jealousies, feelings of selfishness, resentment or revenge.  They may be operating in our lives unconsciously and come up as chronic relationship issues, physical symptoms or disturbing dreams.

When we consciously unfold the energy of these qualities we can start to discover where they may actually be useful in our lives.  This is part of integration and living from our wholeness. For example, if we find ourselves feeling bad about always feeling angry we may find releasing it as an energy helpful in feeling more in the flow, more relaxed or happy. But we may also need to learn how to unfold the energy of our anger and learn where it may be useful in our lives.  If we started to consciously access its passion, power, drive and dynamism, we may discover areas where this energy  could be more productive in our lives.

This is part of the law of the conservation of energy in physics, which says energy is not created or destroyed, but transformed. This is often a more useful viewpoint in long term healing than the notion of release.


My practice is in Coogee and is easily accessible via excellent bus routes from the City, Central Station and Bondi Junction. There is plenty of on-street parking.

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Fees and Payment Options*

Counselling Sessions – Individuals and Relationships

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Women’s Soul Path Coaching Sessions

Booking Your Women’s Soul Path Coaching Session

Sessions are available face to face, via the phone or through Skype. I recommend an initial session of either 60 or 90 minutes. Shorter sessions of 30 minutes can be done once the initial foundation is created. Call me on 0410324134 or click onto Book Now to make an easy appointment time online.

*Medicare currently does not offer rebates for counsellors/psychotherapists. This may not be an issue as my standard fee is less than the Medicare gap fee levied by many practitioners, and Private Health Fund Rebates may apply.


Masters Applied Science (Social Ecology)
Diploma of Process Oriented Psychology
Certificate IV Workplace Assessment and Training
Certified Trainer R.E.A.C.H. (Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage)
Diploma Teaching (Early Childhood)

Level 3 Reiki Training

Session Information

Individual sessions are normally an hour in length.

Couple sessions usually run between 60 and 90 minutes.

Individual and Group Supervision sessions are available for 60-90 minutes

Skype and phone sessions are offered as 30 or 60 minute sessions.

To inquire about a session call Shushann on: 0410324134 or click onto the Book Now button.

Book An Appointment

You are welcome to contact Shushann to discuss your needs. Call Mobile: 0410 324 134

I was very impressed by Shushann’s deep insight and ability to easily pick up on my issues and suggest ways of dealing with them. I found her non-judgemental and patient, which meant I felt safe and able to openly discuss things.”



“My daughter and I needed some help with our relationship. As all we were doing was having arguments and really didn’t understand where each of us were coming from and how each of us felt about each other’s feelings.

Shushann after only a few visits gave us both skills and advice which helped our relationship so much and as a result I feel we understand each other a lot better now and we communicate at a much better level now with the skills Shushann has given us and I am so grateful.”


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