Relationship Counselling

I understand that relationships and families come in diverse forms – heterosexual, gay, lesbian, step parents and single parents negotiating positive communication with their exes.

Couples with busy lifestyles often wonder why they don’t have the same spark as they had at the beginning of their relationship, or why their communication has deteriorated.  Time and work demands can contribute to this and the couple as an ‘organism’ needs loving attention and tending to as you would anything to keep it alive.

Many find that after having children their energy and loving attention for each other dwindles greatly.  If this continues, over time it can create a breakdown in intimacy and connection, distancing and conflict. These are strong signs of a need for relationship attention and nurturance.

If you are stuck in patterns that cause hurt and frustration in your relationship, trust and intimacy can feel impossible. In couple sessions I address:

  • shifting hurts and practicing repair from conflict and miscommunication.
  • responsive listening and empathy versus reactivity and defenciveness.
  • deepening understanding rather being stuck in who is right or wrong
  • circuit breaking negative patterns and deepening presence and intimacy.
  • clearing past relationship issues that may appear in your current relationship.
  • transitions in relationships through divorce, separation or death. This can feel overwhelming on an emotional as well as practical level.  Divorce and separation can feel as painful as loss through death. Working through the pain of separating as a family  includes all the practical aspects connected to this loss.

I have seen various counsellors over the years, and realised that, as with all relationships, it helps to find the ‘right fit’.  Shushann stood out as a therapist and made a lasting difference to how I view relationships. She was marvellous in the way she really listened, and gave me the tools to work on my role in a committed relationship with my now husband. Certain ideas she gave me still stay with me today. I have learned how to ‘read’ situations differently, and I no longer feel the need to run away from confrontations. I am now in a very loving and devoted relationship and we have a very gorgeous little girl. I shudder sometimes to think how my life could have gone in a very different direction… Sometimes, even the smallest ideas can make a big and powerful difference… Thank you Shushann!!!


My daughter and I needed some help with our relationship.  As all we were doing ,was having arguments and really didn’t understand were each of us were coming from and how each of us felt about each other’s feelings.

After only a few visits Shushann gave us both skills and advice which helped our relationship so much. As a result I feel we understand each other a lot better now and we communicate at a much better level now with the skills Shushann has given us.  I am so grateful. 


Relationship Nurturance

When I work with people on nurturing their relationships, I ask them what they are consciously doing to nurture the goodwill and love in their relationship. This doesn’t require a lot of time, but does require consistency. They might be small regular acts connection, appreciation and respect. It is the quality of the connections that people make with one another that contributes to rebuilding the goodwill and intimacy in relationships.

Individual Counselling Around Relationship

We often seek out love and acceptance from others when we find it hard to give this to ourselves. Or we can get stuck in a cycle of over giving and over accommodating, never allowing ourselves to stop and receive.  In our individual counselling sessions we address:

  • old relationship patterns that keep us feeling stuck, unworthy and frustrated.
  • negative self talk and beliefs that sabotage having the intimacy we seek in a meaningful relationship.
  • fear of aloneness and despair around finding a loving partner.
  • anxiety and blocks around life transitions to do with our aging process, relationships, work, career and life purpose.