Soul Path Coaching

Soul Path Sessions

Artist: Tamara Adams

Our soul calling can create discomfort, excitement, a yearning for new growth where we are questioning and exploring who we are, our life direction, our purpose and what it is that deeply satisfies.  Many of us are seeking more than just work, we are seeking an expression of our service in the world. We  are wanting more than just a relationship but deep connection and loving presence.

Soul Path sessions are designed to empower women and men  to fully embrace the direction of their dreams, passions and visions. They are to support you in loving your life and living out the inspiration of your soul path. As we do so, there is a great emanation of healing and inspiration that spreads out to the world.

Honouring the Feminine in our Soul Path

Mainstream culture is very fast paced and creates a struggle mentality – we are always striving to get something, whether it’s the job, the money, the relationship, to get a better relationship, a better job, to get fit, to lose weight, to do that  long list of goals and resolutions.  It’s a very masculine approach that focuses on action and activity and can leave us feeling exhausted, reactive, stressed out and anxious.

Our personal power and empowerment is created through a balance of our masculine and feminine forces. Constant active energy without passive energy can feel oppressive and passive energy without activity and action becomes lazy.

The feminine, surrendered place in us is passive. It doesn’t do anything. The process of our spiritual growth is feminine, it involves a quieting of the mind and bringing in the energies of our heart and gut. It is the cultivation of our personal magnetism.

Feminine consciousness for both men and women exerts its power through attraction rather than activity. This attractive, receptive, feminine aspect of our consciousness is the space of mental surrender. Surrender is not weakness or loss. It is powerful in non pushing, it is powerful in its presence, it is honouring of time and space and following the flow.

How Do Soul Path Sessions Work?

A client who had been struggling with loneliness and the long gaps experienced between relationships asked me about Soul Path Coaching Sessions. She wanted to know how this compared to a counselling session.

I felt this was a great question as it opened up an important conversation around my work.  

My work is different from ‘talk therapy’ in that my sessions are about supporting my clients to drop from the ideas in their mind and into the direct experience of ‘this moment’ in their body and their direct perception of what is going on INSIDE.  Soul Path work is deeply feminine work. It is about stopping the constant pushing, striving that can be left brain oriented and dropping into INNER PRESENCE and soul wisdom.

This is where the GOLD lies. So a direct experience is something completely different than talking about it or talking about the ideas around your problem. Analysing things is the surface/entry point, and our concepts can loop around in our heads and cause no further shift, but actually frustration. Going deeper bypasses the cognitive mind and into a deeper soul response.

My SOUL PATH coaching sessions are process oriented and tend to work with three important steps:

1. GATHERING – getting a full review of the issue and getting really clear on where you are at, your desires, where you are wanting to be, what you’re longing for.
This will inevitably bring up what gets in the way. The fears, negative self talk, blocks and self sabotage. This is the first part of the work.

2. PURIFICATION/CLEARING – Once we clarified the process of gathering to get the whole picture we move into the process of Purification. This is about clearing our own psychic blocks as well as those we may see on the outside. A decluttering of clothing, furniture, kitchen items, that take up energetic space in your soul path.

When working on soul path coaching, I include looking at your feminine ancestral lineage around partnership, money, self esteem and releasing those blocks or beliefs that may be in your lineage – on the mother line as well as the father line.
For many women our ancestral lineage involves clearing blocks to receive, to surrender, be nourished and supported.

3. NOURISHING/MAGNETISING– It is hard, if not impossible to follow our creative pursuits and dreams when we are running on empty. Nourishing and Magnetising has some practical outer steps. (Take a look at my video – Three Levels of Nourishing and Replenishing)
More importantly are your inner steps that closely follow your body response, head/heart alignment, your inner masculine/feminine dynamic. There is a great saying “Where the mind goes the energy flows.” And this is part of our inner work in Soul Path Coaching keeping our inner focus clear.

So the inner work is essential for shifting consciousness and will include: guidance and coaching around next steps, deep connection to body responses, guided meditation, focusing and magnetising practices, inner dialogue that connect you to your higher Self.

ONGOING GUIDANCE and SUPPORT: In between each soul path coaching session I am available for a quick phone chat to check in on progress and pitfalls. I am also available for reading your reflections and supporting you on your journey via email.
After each session I  always email post session reflections to my clients to summarise and offer my thoughts as next steps.

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Maybe you’ve been trying to create something and you keep hitting blocks and wondering what to do next.  My Soul Path sessions are designed to empower women and men to access their own inner guidance and the power of deeply focused inner presence. From this place we tune deeply into our body’s wisdom, insight beyond mind and the resources to follow our own unique soul path.  This includes recognising times that call for stillness  and when to take action.

During my soul path sessions we:

  • create sacred space together to strengthen ourselves from the inside out.
  • restore and integrate sacred practice in our everyday lives.
  • cultivate grace, gratitude, divine guidance and support.
  • work to release limiting beliefs and blocks.
  • feel nurtured, grow and thrive through life challenges and life transitions.
  • find greater connection and balance to our feminine and masculine forces for creativity and manifestation.

What are the Benefits of Soul Path Sessions?

My sessions are aimed at supporting you to feel:

More Grounded, More Connected and More Present – for whatever shows up in your life.  Strengthening your focus and intention for activating your life purpose and direction. Finding and following your bliss and clearing any limitations, negative self talk or  blocks to achieve this. When we strengthen our connection to our inner core we can start to feel stable and spacious, even when things get chaotic on the outside.

Connecting into your Heart and Gut Knowing – This is a place inside of us where we connect to our inner authority, self worth and start  transforming wounds into wisdom. Nurturing and replenishing heart energies and stabilising gut health. It is hard to hold faith, feel clear and to be creative when these energies are depleted.

Cultivating Inner Strength and Resilience – this is a combination of mental and emotional strength through feeling into our inner resources. It calls for holding our nerve, staying the course which may include being at times with discomfort.

Some initial soul questions to ask your deepest self may be :

What calls me in the world?

How do I experience my essence?

What patterns of personal behavior or situation do you wish to transform in yourself?

What personal qualities do you wish to recover?

Tools of Sacred Practice

Some of the tools of sacred practice that I use to integrate your soul awareness into your everyday life are:

  • Empty presence –  A practice of emptying out the contents of your mind and learning to surrender more to the moment. This can be done through meditation, mantra or movement.
  • Visualisations and Meditations for Empowerment and Intuition.
  • Visual and Audio resources for skills building and supporting a shift in consciousness.
  • Strengthening Heart/Gut Intelligence – soothing and nurturing the heart. Accessing heart wisdom for integrating soul messages.
  • Activating the Law of Synchronicity – three essential keys for manifestation. Learning how to read the signs and symbols that are happening in our everyday life. Broadening our consciousness.
  • Wakeful Presence – body awareness, coming into the now and allowing insight to emerge from silence. Connecting to a deep inner spaciousness.
  • Chakra Healing Work – for energy balancing, grounding, healing and nurturing spirit, mind, body alignment.
  • Dreamwork – noticing your night dreams and your day dreams. Healing through the rich symbolic language of dreams.
  • Free Writing – This allows us to open up into our intuition where we allow our mind to get out of the way.  Weaving in the inner with the outer. Accessing a deeper part of yourself.  Inviting that part to speak and write through you.
  • Menstrual cycle/Moon Cycles – Tuning into your menstrual cycle and your moon cycle. Noticing peaks and troughs. Greater empowerment and connection to your cyclic energies.

Booking Your Soul Path Coaching Session

Sessions can be done face to face, via the phone or online via Skype.

One hour session at $180.00