Compassionate Presence

Usually behind disconnect is some form of pain that we haven’t wanted to look at or perhaps have never looked at because it’s felt too hard or too immense, we haven’t known how to deal with it  or we haven’t reached out for support because of feelings of shame. The impulse around pain or trauma is usually to push it down, ignore it and get on with things.

When we are fiercely and intimately honest with ourselves, when we dare to look at the stuff that is painful or that we don’t like about ourselves with kindness, gentleness and even love we create a shift.

Compassionate Presence is a deeply feminine process in both women as well as men. It is about quieting our mind and cultivating presence, receptivity, openness and allowing.  It works at our capacity to be present to our body wisdom, rather than to always try and work things out mentally or being stuck in constant doing.

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Resting Isn’t Always Replenishing

I really do think there’s a significant different between RELAXING and REPLENISHING. We might lie down on the couch, or watch tv or go to our local park to relax. Some people say that going for a run relaxes them, but I don’t think these things necessarily replenish us.  They may even deplete us further.

Replenishing has a transformative quality, that helps us to sink into our deepest essence and give us perspective around the day to day grind of our lives. It works on a combination of letting go and being filled up and on the three levels – mind, body and spirit.

What are some simple things we can do today to replenish ourselves? Listen to my video for some helpful suggestions around making sure we are replenishing and recharged.

Don’t Shut Down – Three Essential Practices in Compassionate Presence

When we work at Not Shutting Down around our pain or unaddressed hurt we are learning to be more authentically present with ourselves. Cultivating our capacity to be fully present in our hearts allows us to be more receptive to the flow of love, tenderness and support. This completely transforms our capacity to attract a loving partner into our lives.

Our body and heart hold the true expression of our authentic essence.

Please listen to my three essential practices in supporting you to respond to yourself with compassionate presence – this is the ultimate practice in self love.